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We are excited, delighted, and elated that you took the opportunity to visit our website.  Our church family has been growing and glowing for approximately 150 years.  Everybody in our church is somebody special, and our philosophy is to win lost souls for Christ.  Our church is Christ led, Holy Spirit filled, and baptized with the Holy Ghost and tongues as of fire (Matthew 3:11 and Acts 2:2-3). 

 Pastor Mearite's Weekly Sermon 

 Sunday, June 20, 2021
"A Father's Instruction to His Son"
1st King 2:1-4,12. 

Happy Father's Day!   June 20th

"A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society."


Please note:  Sunday Morning Services use this same conference call #/access code. 
(978) 990-5000/172948
Our Bible Study Lessons are continuing in "Proverbs"
for this week.  

Please join us while we study God's Word.  
Men's Health Week Men’s Health Week is celebrated each year as the week leading up to and including Father’s Day
Men's Health Week, from 15-21 June 2020, focusses on the health needs of every male on the planet. It's a time to bring positive awareness to the illnesses and injuries that disproportionately affect men and encourage them to actively maintain their physical and mental wellbeing.
How do men keep good Health?
  Click men to read the article.
African American Men and Prostrate Cancer

"We have to really be explicit about educating black men about prostate cancer. There are a lot of myths about prostate cancer in the community. And so we want to really provide an incentive for men to participate and let them know how important they are to us, to their families and to their communities and to the state as a whole."
— Dr. Marvella Ford



Congratulations to our Graduates !!

A/B Honor Roll Students

Jaya Peterkin.jpg
Jaya's school logo (1).png
Honor Graduate
South Florence High School
Jaya & her proud parents at graduation.
Jaya & her parents photo.jpg
 She plans to attend Spelman College.
Joshua Bostic.jpg
Joshua Bostic - Scotland High School - A/B Honor Roll- 12th
Jabari Jones- Marlboro County High School -10th
Shiloh is extremely proud of Jaya and her accomplishments. We also are happy to applaud our students who are promoted to the next grade.    
June Birthdays 

Antwanaka Campbell - 3
Nicole B. Limbacher - 5
Mariah Murphy-9 
Dannerlyn Crosland - 11
Karleigh Granger - 11
Letha Gregg - 12
Tara Moore - 12
Eunice Evans - 13
Moses Lee Campbell - 13
Shirley Murphy - 19
Patricia Henegan - 22
Judy Fullard - 23
Michelle Covington - 23
Kevin Thomas, Sr. - 24
Jabari Jones - 28
Lizziephine Moody - 29

 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in faith so that you overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. 
Romans 15:13

Shiloh is sending hugs, kisses, and lots of love to our June birthdays.  

Happy 41st Anniversary to
James & Karen Clark

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